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Neal Wilkinson & Sakae at LDC.


Neal was at LDC recently to prep up his new Sakae Trilogy series shells with Simon. The drums were shipped directly to us from Sakae to eventually go in to Neal's storage space at LDC. We'll no doubt be busy running these drums around over the coming years thats for sure.

Not much work was required after unboxing. The drums were reheaded with Remo Coated Ambassdors for resonants and Coated Emperors for the batter side. Neal received 18", 20" and 22" bass drums.The 18 and 20 were set with no hole in the resonant head, only a felt strip for dampening. The 22" drum was fitted with a coated P3 and a 5" hole was cut in the ambassador resonant head. The snare is a 14x5 with a Vinatge Ambassador fitted.

These 3 ply Trilogy shells sounded amazing!We have a couple of kits on order for the shopand frankly we can't wait for them after hearing Neal's.