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Gretsch 125th Anniversary Shell Set

Gretsch 125th Anniversary Shell Set

In 2008 Gretsch created the Rock Legend Gretsch USA Custom drum set as part of their 125th anniversary offerings. This was a limited edition of 125 kits and the bass drum has the 125th anniversary logo affixed to the bass drum shell.

This particular set is in good condition, used as part of our hire stock the shells have been used by a number of our clients for predominently recording sessions. There are a few small small cosmetic knocks but really nothing of any significance.

If you ordered these same sizes and same finish today, the set would sell for around 4.5K at RRP 




Read the 2008 promotional literature from Gretsch below....

Inspired by features and style from Gretsch's most prolific rock drummers, the Gretsch Rock Legend 125th Anniversary drum set is a tribute to rock musics legendary players. The Rock Legend set features classic 6-ply USA Custom drums “ the same Gretsch shell formula that was used back when rock music was developing and defining a culture all its own. Other classic features include vintage rock sizes, mounted tom, Gretsch Round Badge and Millennium Maple finish. To celebrate Gretsch's 125th anniversary, other subtle appointments have been included.

A handsome black Gretsch 125th Anniversary logo is affixed directly onto the bass drum shell, underneath the lacquer. The 125th Anniversary logos also adorn each of the clear Black Dot� tom batter drumheads, the coated snare drum head and clear resonant heads. Bass drum batter and resonant heads are clear and the classic Gretsch Drums logo is in offset position on the resonant bass head. Unique, serialized orange/white vintage internal shell labels have been applied to each shell to give each drum an identity of its own. The Rock Legend kit was limited to 125 total kits in the 2008 production.


Gretsch-formula 6-ply maple shells with 30-degree bearing edges and
Silver Sealer interiors
Nitrocellulose Millennium Maple Gloss finish
Round Badges on all drums
12 tom is mounted onto bass drum
Triple chrome-plated drum hardware
Vintage orange/white internal shell labels


Bass Drum: 22 x 16"
Rack Tom: 12 x 8"
Floor Toms: 14 x 14" and 16 x 16"
Snare Drum: 14 x 6-1/2" (20 lug)

Description RRP LDC Price Quantity Total  
Gretsch 125th £1,999.00 £1,999.00