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Snare Drum Accessories

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Pack of 6 dampeners

LDC Price: £6.99

Big Fat Snare Drum Heads

Big Fat Snare Drum Heads - "Original", "Donut", Snare-Bourine"

LDC Price From: £22.00

Tune-Bot Electronic Drum Tuner

An absolutely genius piece of kit, now tuning your drums has never been easier!

LDC Price: £79.99

DW SM2159 Mag Snare Throw Off/Butt End Combo

MAG Throw and 3P 3-position butt plate in Chrome.

LDC Price: £36.49

Puresound Custom Snare Wires

Arguably the best snare wires to have on your drums...

LDC Price: £16.99

Puresound Custom Pro Snare Wires

The Custom Pro snare wire series from Puresound offer a brass alternative for warming snare response...

LDC Price: £25.49

Puresound Equalizer Snare Wires

A uniquely designed snare wire from Puresound...

LDC Price: £21.49

Pearl KB-610/6 Key Bolt

Key bolt, M6 thread...

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl T-060/6 Tension Rods (6 pcs)

M5.8 x 35mm Tension Rods & Washers

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl T-061/6 Tension Rods (6 pcs)

M5.8 x 42mm Tension Rods and Washers

LDC Price: £5.99