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Pearl KGT-100 Gyro Tune Drum Key

Pearl KGT-100 Gyro Tune Drum Key

Pearl's Newest Drum Key is the Gyro Tune Key with Quick Release Neckstrap

The KGT-10 "Gyro Tune" drum key is ergonomically designed for comfortable and balanced feel combined with convenience features such as weighted ends for gyro-like spinning action, quick-spin knurled knob, quick release neck strap, and multi-function rubber plugs.

The rubber plugs can be removed and replaced with different colors to personalize the look of your Gyro Tune key. Using plugs of contrasting colors makes it easy to keep track of how many times a tension rod was turned. The rubber plugs produce a clearly defined note when tapped against the head to aid tuning.

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Pearl KGT-100 Gyro Tune Drum Key £19.99 £19.99