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Drum Multiclamps

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Pearl ADP-20 Two Way Multiclamp

A sleaker version of the AX-20...

Sales Price: £24.00  SALE Price: £10.00

Pearl ADP-30 Three Way Multiclamp

A sleaker version of the AX38...

RRP: £44.00  SALE Price: £15.00

Pearl AX25L Two Way Adjustable Multiclamp

A multiclamp with slightly longer reach than the AX25...

RRP: £37.00  LDC Price: £20.00

Pearl AX28 Two Way Single Adjust Multiclamp

A combination of AX20 and AX25 ideas....

RRP: £32.00  SALE Price: £10.00

DW SMMG-4 'V' Angle Adjustable 'V' Clamp

Handy little adapter...

RRP: £38.49  SALE Price: £15.00

Yamaha CSAT924A Multiclamp

A very affordable multiclamp...

SALE Price: £5