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Pack of 6 dampeners

LDC Price: £6.99

Bass Drum O's - Bass Drum Port/Hole

Available in a host of colours and sizes...

From: £10.99

Crazy Johns Cymbal Cleaner

Standard Cymbal Cleaner...

LDC Price: £7.99

Crazy Johns Brilliant Cymbal Cleaner

Brilliant Finish Cymbal Cleaner...

LDC Price: £7.99

Groove Juice Standard Cymbal Cleaner

Liquid based standard cymbal cleaner...

LDC Price: £9.99

MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs

One size fits all...

LDC Price: £19.99

Evans Torque Drum Key

A great way to make tuning easier, a key that matches the tension on every lug....

LDC Price: £25.99

Pro Mark Rattler

The Promark Rattler is a sound effects device...

LDC Price: £12.99

Pro Mark Sizzler

The Promark Sizzler is a sound effects device...

LDC Price: £12.99

Big Fat Snare Drum Heads

Big Fat Snare Drum Heads - "Original", "Donut", Snare-Bourine"

LDC Price From: £22.00

Stagg Cymbal Felts

Felts on your cymbal stands looking a little worn?....

LDC Price: £7.99

Stagg Cymbal Seat Cups

Replacement seat cups to help prevent keyholing...

LDC Price: £7.99

Kickport Bass Drum Porthole

Increase the low end of your bass drum with the great accessory.

LDC Price: £29

Tune-Bot Electronic Drum Tuner

An absolutely genius piece of kit, now tuning your drums has never been easier!

LDC Price: £79.99

Tama Rhythm Watch Mini RW30

The miniturised version of market leading metronome "Rhythm Watch"...

LDC Price: £24.99

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200

The new and improved metronome from Tama...

LDC Price: £69

Pearl KGT-100 Gyro Tune Drum Key

Great little key from Pearl...

LDC Price: £19.99

Pearl DCL300P Drop Clutch

Easy to use Drop Clutch from Pearl...

LDC Price: £20.00

DW SM2230 Cymbal Seat Assembly

Complete seat assembly for DW stands...

LDC Price: £10.99

DW SM488 Cymbal Felt Assembly

Full cup/felt assembly for DW stands, come in packs of 2...

LDC Price: £6.99

DW SM2007 Wing Nuts (4 pcs)

M8 Wing nut for tilter (4-pack)

LDC Price: £6.99

DW SM-QTH Techlock Handle

Replacement part for DW Quick Turn Handle across the hardware series...

LDC Price: £7.99

DW SM-QTH125 Techlock Handle

Replacement quick turn handle for 9300 snare stands...

LDC Price: £7.99

DW SM105 Hardcore Beater

A great adjustable beater from DW...

LDC Price: £19.99

DW SM505 Drop Clutch

Great for double pedal players....

LDC Price: £24.49

DW SMOTC One Touch Clutch

Great new clutch from our American friends...

LDC Price: £22.99

DW SM9213 Incremental Hi Hat Clutch

A very unique design, ideal for X-hat set ups...

LDC Price: £24.95

DW SM005 Steel Footplate Hinge

Replacement hinge...

LDC Price: £9.99

DW SM1207 Delta II Bearing Hinge

Replacement hinge for 5000 and 9000 DW Pedals.

LDC Price: £29.99

DW SM020 Standard Spring w/ Insert and Rocker

Replacement spring/rocker for 2000,3000,4000,5000,6000,7000 pedals

RRP: £6.49  LDC Price: £5.49

DW SM028 9/16-inch Drum key screw (4-pack)

9/16-inch Drum key screw (4-pack)...

LDC Price: £4.99

DW SM029 3/8-inch Drum key screw (4-pack)

3/8-inch Drum key screw (4-pack)

LDC Price: £4.99

DW SM2159 Mag Snare Throw Off/Butt End Combo

MAG Throw and 3P 3-position butt plate in Chrome.

LDC Price: £36.49

DW SM800 Drum Key KeyChain

A great little gift idea...

LDC Price: £8.99

Mr Zogs Sex Wax

Drum stick wax for extra grip...

LDC Price: £3.99

Vater Stick & Finger Tape

Vater's Stick & Finger Tape is the world's first drumming tape to be designed for use on both sticks and fingers...

LDC Price: £7.99

Vater Cymbal Polish

Make sure you can see your face in your cymbals...

LDC Price: £9.99

Kelly Shu Pro Internal Bass Drum Mic Mount

The very best internal bass drum microphone mounting system

LDC Price: £85

Kelly Shu Flatz Internal Bass Drum Mic Mount

The very best internal bass drum microphone mounting system

LDC Price: £59

Puresound Custom Snare Wires

Arguably the best snare wires to have on your drums...

LDC Price: £16.99

Puresound Custom Pro Snare Wires

The Custom Pro snare wire series from Puresound offer a brass alternative for warming snare response...

LDC Price: £25.49

Puresound Equalizer Snare Wires

A uniquely designed snare wire from Puresound...

LDC Price: £21.49

Pearl M-8W/2 Wing Nut (2 pcs)

Standard 8mm wing nut...

LDC Price: £4.99

Pearl FL-90 Felt Washer (2 pcs)

Replacement felts for Pearl Cymbal stands...

LDC Price: £6.99

Pearl NP-69/2 Plastic Sleeve (2 pcs)

Replacement plastic sleeve for 8mm cymbal stands...

LDC Price: £3.99

Pearl PR-135 Cup Washer

8mm washer to base a seat assembly...

LDC Price: £2.99

Pearl FL-95/2 Clutch Felts (2pcs)

Replacement felt washers for your hi-hat clutch...

LDC Price: £6.99

Pearl SP-64F Spring w/ Felt

Replacement spring for Pearl pedal...

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl KB-610/6 Key Bolt

Key bolt, M6 thread...

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl UGN-6/2 6mm Wing Nut (2 pcs)

Replacement wing nut for 6mm threads...

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl UGN-8/2 8mm Wing Nut (2 pcs)

Replacement wing nut for 8mm threads...

LDC Price: £7.99

Pearl UGN-8L 8mm Wing Nut - Large

A larger wing nut for 8mm threads...

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl T-055/6 Tension Rods (6 pcs)

M5.8 x 28mm Tension Rods & Washers

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl T-060/6 Tension Rods (6 pcs)

M5.8 x 35mm Tension Rods & Washers

LDC Price: £5.99

Pearl T-061/6 Tension Rods (6 pcs)

M5.8 x 42mm Tension Rods and Washers

LDC Price: £5.99